The Principals

Ken Eickmann, Lt. Gen., USAF (Ret.), is a highly sought-after consultant and past Director of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) at the University of Texas.  As Director he worked directly with the CEOs and Presidents of 98 of the country’s largest corporations and guided more than 700 loaned industry professionals in research projects involving over 30 of the nation’s top universities. 

Following the BRAC recommendation for closure of Kelly AFB, Texas and McClellan AFB California, General Eickmann was selected to provide independent oversight of the public/private competition for their workloads; the largest public/private competition ever conducted.

General Eickmann had a distinguished 31-year career in the Air Force including assignments as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics for two Major Commands, the Commander of the nation’s largest military industrial complex and Commander of the Aeronautical Systems Center, where he managed 2800 programs and employed 12,000 personnel with an annual budget in excess of $11billion at 35 locations worldwide.

He is currently State Vice Chairman of the Texas Engineer’s Task Force on Homeland Security, drawing on the personal expertise he gathered as a member of the leadership team directing the rescue and recovery efforts of US interests in the Philippines following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo and the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

 More recently he has been a key member of the National Research Council Committee appointed to evaluate the National Aerospace Initiative for the Department of Defense with particular emphasis on “Hypersonic Flight” and “Access to Space”.   He is currently serving as Chair of a USAF sponsored study for the National Academy of Sciences investigating the DoD and commercial propulsion (airbreathing, rocket, and in-space propulsion) technology base to determine whether efforts underway in the laboratory and industry will support necessary warfighting capabilities over the next 15 years.

A member of the Air Force Science & Technology Board (Air Force Studies Board), General Eickmann is also a member of the Board of Advisors for the Air Force Museum.

The General is a Registered Professional Engineer and a certified acquisition professional in acquisition logistics (Level III), program management (Level III) and systems planning, research, development and engineering (Level III).

Dan O’Bryant is a consultant, and was from November, 2002 through April, 2004 a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate for the State of Colorado.

O’Bryant was an Air Force JAG and experienced trial lawyer, where he first tried cases for the government, and later as an Area Defense Counsel.  He served as Chief of Civil Law and later Chief of Military Justice at Chanute Air Force Base, IL.

Prior to military service his private practice included civil and criminal litigation and business planning. He holds a Juris Doctor Degree from Drake University School of Law.

As a Professor of Law at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) his academic instruction covered subjects including Constitutional Law, Contracts, Corporations, Criminal Law, the Law of Armed Conflict, Ethics, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.   He was a case and board legal advisor, and participated in an advisory capacity over fundamental changes to the cadet Honor Code system.

While at USAFA, he also served as the Chief of the Air Force Personal Estate Planning Team, briefing DOD employees, embassy staffs, enlisted and officer groups, and  the military’s senior leaders worldwide in personal finance consultations, including briefings and one-on-one retirement planning advisory sessions with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  

He has twelve years of experience as a personal financial advisor with national investment brokerage firms, where he built expertise in needs assessment, portfolio allocation, long-range planning, compliance and business development training.

Gary “Swede” Dylewski, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret.), is a consultant for several corporate entities, focusing primarily on defense related business.  He also serves as the Distinguished Visiting Scholar in the Center for Character Development at the United States Air Force Academy, and is past Director of Strategic Initiatives in Command and Control (C2) for Lockheed Martin Corp.

Prior to entering the corporate and academic worlds, General Dylewski served for 27 years in the United States Air Force. Highlights of his career include a White House assignment as the military aide and advisor to Presidents Reagan and Bush.

He held several command assignments in both the aviation and space arenas, including commanding the Air Force’s largest and premier fighter wing with over 5000 personnel and $3 billion in assets, and  the Space Warfare Center (SWC), where he was responsible for the testing  of all U S Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).     

General Dylewski also served as the Director of Operations for Air Force Space Command, responsible for the training of all personnel  and operations of the Command, including the two primary space launch facilities at Vandenburg and Patrick Air Force bases. 

The General concluded his career as Commander, Joint Task Force Southwest Asia, where he led a 20,000 man force responsible for the air campaigns in both Southern Iraq and Afghanistan.

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